Discretionary Learner Support Education Grants for Adult Learners

Some of you may have realised that the U.K. have scrapped offering an education grant called the ALG (Adult Learning Grant) to help adult learners through education. Now, adult learners can apply for 'Discretionary Learner Support' education grants or apply directly to the college, university or learning provider that they will be studying with.

Can you qualify for DLS (Discretionary Learner Support) now that ALG is no longer available? To qualify for adult learning support, you must be a British resident at least 19 years old and have been accepted to study (or currently studying) a further education course. Although Discretionary Learner Support funding is available for everyone over 16 that is going to study past GCSEs, there are several priority groups.

Students who do not have a high income and those in receipt of benefits, adults over the age of 19 who do not have Level 2 qualifications, students who have experienced foster care or those with children are all priority students that further education providers will aim to give funding to.

There are some courses and training schemes that Discretionary Learner Support does not apply to, such as work based learning courses, apprenticeships and Learn Direct courses.

If you are planning to enrol on a further education course that does qualify, some of the things you can use it for are: adult travel costs, financial emergency situations, childcare costs, course equipment such as books and field trip costs. You could even use it for help with accommodation if you are outside the maximum range of the service provider but still want to study with them.

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