Education Grants for Adult Learners

One of the education grants for adult learners is the Adult Learning Grant or ALG. This grant gives people who qualify £30 a week towards their education costs. From August 2011, the decision for who is able to get the ALG was passed to the individual trainers and further education colleges. The grant is therefore paid to the individual teaching establishment, on behalf of the student who qualifies.

Another one of the government-backed education grants for adult students is the Fifty plus In-Work training grant. This is designed for people over the age of 50 who have recently gone back in to employment after a period unemployed. The grant is designed to help with any financial costs relating to their training for their new employment.

Many people are either unaware there is potential help for their educational costs or are unsure how they go about applying for one of the grants. The Educational Grants Advisory Service (EGAS) is a free service, designed to provide advice and information on whether a person is entitled to a grant or funding. They offer free advice through their website or dedicated telephone helpline. The General Federation of Trade Unions has  part or full-time Open University students who are studying specific subjects.These usually include industrial law, history and industrial relations. They also offer help and advice via their website or telephone service. Before applying for any type of education grants for adult learners, it is always advisable you seek advice from an independent service. The government’s website lists information for all grants available, who qualifies and how you would go about applying.

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