Education Grants and Funding for Women

Education grants for women are given to anyone studying in higher education, or sometimes further education, from trusts and other charitable organisations. Your circumstances will largely influence how much you will receive and if you are eligible at all for funding.



If you are a single parent, or you and your partner are studying, you could receive grants for childcare support from your institution. This is also one of the only rare cases where you can receive funding from the government and not just a charitable organisation; however, the rules of what you can spend the money on is quite strict and is normally only for childcare purposes. You can visit Direct.gov.uk to find out what education grants for women with children are available directly from government sources.


Reid Trust Higher Education Grants for Women

Reid Trust supplies grants to women studying or researching in the UK. They pick a maximum of 10 applicants per year and award anything from £250 to £1000 per applicant, which can normally be used for any purpose. Trustees meet in July to discuss applications and it is normally only women who have already undertaken education in Britain at secondary or teritary level that will be considered.


Women in Prison

Women in prison, or women who have previously been in prison, could receive funding if they wish to retrain or further their education. These education grants for women are provided by a variety of trusts and organisations, most of which can be found on the Griffins Society database at thegriffinssociety.org.



Education grants for women grants are available from the FfWG society (Funds for Women Graduates) to meet living expenses (not for course costs). The institution must be approved by the society and the qualification must be considered a post graduate or research post for an applicant to be accepted. Applications are accepted on proven need and calibre; the total cost of each award rarely exceeds £6,000. You can find more information at the ffwg.org website.

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