What is the educational grants directory

The Educational Grants Directory is currently on its tenth edition and contains information on government and local grant-making trusts who offer a wide range of grants for a variety of uses. The book is a comprehensive list of the non-statutory help a person can receive while in education. The Directory runs right up to degree level and is clear and easy to use and follow.

The Educational Grants Directory has a section on the grants available for school children. These range from grants to help a child who is underachieving but who has potential in an extracurricular activity such as guitar playing or any type of sports. Grants also exist for children with learning disabilities to ensure they either receive one-on-one teaching or at least extra classes to ensure they keep up with class mates. Children with disabilities can also apply for a grant to help them buy certain pieces of equipment designed to make their school life easier and more enjoyable.

Students in further education such as college and university can also apply for a variety of grants including help with the cost of childcare, fieldwork travel or financial help with the cost of their educational fees. The Educational Grants Directory also gives detailed information regarding a number of different trusts who offer grants for people in education. There is also a section on how to approach a trust and the Dos and Don'ts for the grant application.

This book is a valuable resource for anyone in or considering returning to education, especially if they believe they will need financial aid at some point. Many of the grants on offer are for relatively low amounts, with the average being around £120. However, they can make a huge difference to an individual, so it is worth applying to the relevant trust.

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