Find suitable educational grants for individuals

Students face ever-spiraling costs with living expenses, rising tuition fees and accommodation to pay. Depending on your course, it may be possible to cover some of the expense with educational grants for individuals.

One of the first places to look is the website at www.grantsforindividuals.org.uk. They have a database of the numerous grants available from charities and trusts in the UK. You fill in a simple form detailing your circumstances and requirements,  and they can provide details and application processes for the relevant grants provided by various bodies throughout Britain.

The government also has details of grants and bursaries available to adult students to help with educational expenses. The website at www.direct.gov.uk has details of availability, application procedures, and general advice on sourcing educational grants.

Adult learners may be eligible for an Adult Learning Grant (ALG), which is worth up to £30 a week. Additionally, if you are 50 plus and starting a new job which requires any further education and training, there are grants available to help with the costs.

The Family Action Grants Programme (www.family-action.org.uk) offers small grants primarily for families and individuals on low incomes, particularly those living on benefits. Preference is given to students on relevant and eligible courses that will offer improved employment prospects.

These grants are available for British nationals and some other individuals across the UK, and while there are no specific limits on the sums awarded, it is usually in the region of £200 to £300. Note that the grants body will only consider one educational grants application for individuals each academic year.



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