EE 4G Monthly Contract Tariff and Price

EE 4G offer monthly contract tariffs tailored for customer who regularly use the internet on their phone; it's ideal for anyone who has an iPhone, Blackberry or Android phone as they offer the fastest mobile internet currently available on the market. At present, some models are available on EE, but the prices will be increased monthly to accomodate the phone you want from EE.

What can I get?

EE 4G monthly contracts are relatively simple. In fact, the only difference in price comes from the amount of data and benefits you receive; if you purchase a phone model with EE, the monthly contract may be fixed and unchanged, and you won't be able to switch your contract if a better deal comes along. Normally, contracts including a phone model are tied for 12 to 24 months until the phone is paid off and you won't be able to use another sim card in your phone unless you unlock it.

EE 4G monthly contracts also offer free tethering, allowing you to use your phone as a modem to connect to PCs and laptops for the internet. Presently, you can buy a sim on a 12 month of 24 month contract - but rolling contracts, which allow you to decide which tariff to use each month and whether you want to buy a new tariff at all, are also available.

What tariffs can I get?

Each EE plan offers unlimited calls and texts. The tariff price increases depending on the amount of data you want to receive each month, and is priced as (for contract phones):

£31 - 500mb

£36 - 750MB

£41 - 1GB

£46 - 3GB

£51 - 5GB

£56 - 8GB

£76 - 20GB

For sim only phones, the tariff (including unlimited calls and texts) is priced at:

£21 - 500MB

£26 - 1GB

£31 - 3GB

£36 - 5GB

£41 - 8GB

£61 - 20GB.

Broadband Only Contracts

EE 4G monthly broadband contracts can be used with dongles or mobile wi-fi devices and don't include unlimited calls and texts. This is perfect for anyone who travels or uses a dongle as their main source of internet connection. The same standard 12 - 24 month contract applies for dongles as well as a rolling contract. Costs for mobile broadband-only EE contracts are:

£12.99 - 1GB

£15.99 - 3GB

£20.99 - 5GB

£25.99 - 8GB

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