Egg Credit Card Review

Egg credit card - and all its other financial products for that matter - is entirely used and monitored online. You can speak to customer service advisors on the phone about your account but the general managing of the card, from checking balances to making payments, is used through their website.

Most customers feel this is a new breath of fresh air and admitted the website was easy to use, understand and very simple to manage their card. Egg credit card and its online service system is an award winning 24 hours a day, 7 days a week service that can be accessed and used at anytime.

Other benefits of the card include an exceptional 1% cashback rate and most transactions - a benefit that most customers state is the only reason they use the card. For customers who always pay their bills on time and want a little extra from their card, this feature is just for them.

The card also comes with complimentary insurance on all purchases, a choice of interest repayment options and fraud protection to help you keep control of your money.


Customer Reviews

It's easy to look at the Egg credit card online and pull up the details given by the company, but this won't tell you how the card actually works for the customer. That's why we've taken a look at some customer reviews to give you a better picture.

In general, a survey done by uSwitch showed that over 80% of their reviewers were very satisfied or fairly satisfied with Egg credit card. Most customers stated the cashback incentive was their favourite feature.

However, there have been some concerns for customers who stated that the interest rate was often subject to change; Egg credit card is now being sold to Barclaycard, which could be the reason for such interest changes.

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