A review of Elect Travel Insurance

Elect Travel Insurance proudly declares on its home page (insurefortravel.co.uk) that it offers Single-Trip European Travel Insurance for just £5.73 for a 5 day visit.

This sounds like a great deal, and indeed it can be, but some analysis shows that this offer, for their "Essentials" package, offers nothing like comprehensive coverage, and is unrecognisable next to their more standard Silver, Gold and Platinum packages.

Personal Coverage

The cheapest Essentials coverage from Elect Travel Insurance protects you to the value of £1 million for emergency medical expenses, while the Silver package offers £2.5 million, the Golf offers £5 million, and the Platinum offers £10 million. Unlike all of the other categories, the Essentials deal offers absolutely no protection against hospital expenses

Coverage of Possessions and Personal Belongings

The £5.73 Essentials deal offers absolutely no protection of your possessions, any valuables, your travel documents, your personal documents, any money you may have in your possession, or any delays to your baggage transfers. The slightly more expensive Silver package also offers no compensation for valuables, personal documents or baggage delays. It's necessary to opt for the Gold or Platinum packages if you want any protection for these eventualities.

Problems with your Holiday

Once again, the cheap Essentials deal provides no coverage for the cancellation or restructuring of your holiday plans, no coverage for any delays in travel, and no coverage for "Holiday Abandonment" (the phrase used to describe your decision to cancel your own holiday for a pressing reason at short notice). The Silver deal gives minimal compensation for cancellation, but once more you must look towards the Gold and Platinum deals if you want any kind of comprehensive reassurance regarding these situations.

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