Electricity to rocket as green power takes toll

It seems wind turbines and wave power will come at a cost for consumers, as Energy and Climate Change Secretary Chris Huhne has propsed a minimum price for carbon generated by coal-fired and gas-fuelled power stations.

Energy firms will have to pay for the carbon they use - but it’s a burden companies are likely to pass on to consumers.

It’s intended that the carbon 'floor price' will reflect the pollution caused by fossil fuels, and will encourage investors to put their money in more environmentally friendly energy instead.

But some experts fear it could lead to a doubling of energy bills, hitting hardest the poor and elderly.

Mr Huhne will admit to MPs today that the costs of moving to cleaner energy will be high but that it will give consumers more protection from fluctuating energy prices.

But Matthew Sinclair of the Tax-Payers' Alliance said: 'It could mean a doubling of costs. The elderly, poor and those on fixed incomes will be hit disproportionately hard by this.'

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