Elephant Car Insurance: The Facts

Elephant has organised car insurance online for longer than most companies. It began to sell its policies on the internet as early as 2000, when most companies were still selling by more conventional methods.

Elephant's car insurance policies are good value for money for the right buyer: if they appear at first glance too expensive, it is because they include several additional features as standard parts of their package (which other value companies relegate to optional extras). When the cost of these extras are added, you will find that Elephant provides a good deal.

As usual, the plan covers damage to your car suffered by accident, fire or theft. The coverage can come under two forms: payment to repair the damaged car, or payment to replace it. It does not cover you for "theft" damage if your car was unattended and unlocked or otherwise left insecurely.

You will be covered up to £20,000,000 for damage to a third party's property, and policy holder over 25 years old are covered when driving a third party's vehicle, assuming they have permission. In certain uncommon circumstances, you will also be covered if a third party is driving your car.

Elephant's policy covers accidental, fire and theft damage to audio/visual equipment as well as for your car itself, although if it pays out for a car replacement, it will not also pay out for audio/visual replacements.

Personal belongings in your car are covered up to a cost of £100, so you will not have any protection if you are carrying something very valuable. This detail of the policy does not account for money or documents.

Visiting other countries in the European Union, the coverage is valid for single stays of up to 30 days, not exceeding 90 days in one year.

The aforementioned "standard" extras, which are optional in most other quotes, include a free hire car if your car is being repaired (unless your own vehicle is stolen, or is a classic car), and cover for legal expenses up to £100,000. Some other policies, such as ASDA's, only cover £50,000.

Additionally, you can order a breakdown protection plan, personal injury cover, and other policy upgrades at the time you organise your deal.

To learn more, and get your personal quote now, check the Elephant car insurance site now at elephant.co.uk.

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