A Quick Guide to Emergency Grants

Emergency grants are also known as crisis loans and have been specifically designed to help people who need cash quickly following something that has cost them money through no fault of their own. In order to successfully access a crisis loan, you must be over the age of sixteen and a full-time resident of the United Kingdom. You must provide proof you are unable to meet the short-term needs of your family because of a disaster or emergency. You may also qualify if you believe not receiving the loan will endanger you or your family.

Emergency grants are designed to help people with rent, day-to-day living expenses, heating costs or emergency travel funds if you are stuck somewhere away from home with no money. People who have had to cope with the devastation of fire or flood will also qualify for help from this type of emergency grants.

There is no set amount given out through the crisis loan as it is usually decided on case by case. There are many things that can affect how much grant you get and even if you qualify at all. For example, if you have savings or earn a good wage from your employment you will be refused emergency grants on the grounds you can fund the crisis yourself. If you already have a loan or loans with the government and you have outstanding payments to make,this can also affect whether you will be granted a crisis loan.

The government has a dedicated helpline designed especially to help people apply for emergency grants and other benefits. You can also apply via the government’s website or by making an appointment to see a job advisor at your local Job Centre Plus.

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