How can I get an emergency loan?

If you are looking for an emergency loan, then you obviously need funds quickly. Going down the traditional loan route will probably take too long and can leave you making repayments for up to 3-years, with interest on top too. The government offers a interest-free crisis loan, available to help people out in emergencies. Anyone over the age of 16-years old can apply for a crisis loan, but you must be either, struggling to meet the basic needs of yourself and your family or believe your family's health is in serious jeopardy if you did not receive a crisis loan.

The Government's crisis loan is an emergency loan, designed to help out people who have little or no money when they are having problems. A crisis loan can be used to cover daily living expenses, prepaid meter debt, rent or travel expenses if you are stuck somewhere and you cannot afford to get back home. Crisis loans will also be offered if you and your family have been the victims of fire or burglary, and will pay for necessary items to be replaced as well as board until you find somewhere to live.

The amount of emergency loan you will qualify for will depend on your personal circumstances, as well as the reasons you have given for needing the loan. If you have any other loans with the Government, which are outstanding this will also affect how much crisis loan you are entitled too. You will have to pay the loan back, although it is completely interest free. The loans advisor who arranges your loan will also ensure your repayments are within your budget, and if you receive benefits the repayment will be taken straight from them.

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