What are Environmental Grants

The Awards for All scheme sees grants of between £300 and £10,000 awarded to individuals, communities or organizations. These environmental grants are designed to help people take part in projects, which ultimately improve the environment and lifestyle of individuals. These grants can be used for everything from publicity costs to volunteer contributions. Applications are easy and a decision usually takes around six weeks.

WREN stands for Waste Recycling Environmental Limited, and the minimum grant awarded is £1,5000 going right up to £50,000. WREN's main focus is the communities living around the sites of Landfills. The grants are designed to improve facilities in these areas and make general lifestyle changes. The application is long and help from the Citizen's Advice Bureau or local council is recommended. A decision can take anywhere up to twelve weeks.

Changing Spaces is one of the biggest environmental grants available, with a goal of investing £200 million in environmental projects across the UK. This money is to be used towards improving community access to the environment, encouraging adults and children to take an avid interest in how they can look after wildlife and habitats around them. In conjunction with Changing Spaces is the promise of £50 million in lottery-funded environmental grants designed to help people clean up their neighbourhoods and improve the areas that people live in. This is a huge project, and one that over a period of time will see the development of youth centres, children's play areas, community centres and much more.

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