Let Eon look after your boiler with great eon boiler insurance

Could you imagine the cost involved if your boiler breaks down and you have to call an experienced person out to fix it. A cost that could be easily done without in these current economic times so why not get some Eon boiler insurance today and avoid that dreadful scenario.

Choosing what cover you might need can be made a little easier by looking at these few types of cover that is listed:

From £12.25 monthly you get full protection on all your heating system with free parts and labour a great deal im sure you will agree.

From £21 monthly you get again full protection on your heating system with free parts and labour but also you get plumbing and drainage care.

From £25 monthly you again have your full protection on your heating system, free parts and labour and also you will have drainage care and electrical care.And currently on all these deals Eon are offering a discount of 50% for the first three months.

These are not the only incentives that Eon offer there is also a 24/7 emergency and customer helpline,365 days of the year care and protection for your boiler and all their engineers are fully registered.With Eon you get the complete package.

To view these deals from Eon you can log on to their website at propertyservices.eonenergy.com.So log on today and talk to an advisor and leave it to the professionals at Eon to look after your boiler so you dont have to.



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