Where to find Essex mortgage advisers

Essex is a wonderful county to live in, with both attractive rural and urban environments. Big towns and cities like Basildon and Colchester have ample opportunities for employment or study and the sea side resorts like Southend on Sea make for relaxing weekends. For these reasons, and many others, you can see why so many people decide to buy property in Essex. Finding a mortgage advisor to complement your dream relocation is not difficult and you can check out some of the sources below to find one to suit your needs and budget:

Business Directories

Business directories are comprehensive lists of professionals working in every field and in every location. You can either use paper directories like the BT Business Phone Book or Yellow Pages, or you can search online directories produced by many leading information resource companies. Most online directories will allow you to search for Essex mortgage advisers by location, distance, A-Z name and other characteristics to suit your needs.

Search Engines

Search engines will allow you to input any information you like to get the details best suited to your mortgage needs. Mainstream sites like Google or Yahoo can provide you with a wide range of companies but be aware that such engines are paid by some companies to get higher up in listings (so called, sponsored results). If you want complete impartiality in your search engine listings, ignore sponsored results or consult other search engines.


There are a great number of mortgage forums and money sites which have information posted by people who have taken advice from Essex mortgage advisers and who will be able to advise you on their recommendations.

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