e-that’s a good price

The e-reader price war has got underway with some being sold for as little as £52.

Christmas saw sales soar for the so-called ‘Ipods for books’. Buoyed by these figures, Asda’s offering the low price on their 5in View Quest Mediabox – half the price of Amazon’s Kindle.

Libraries and book shops are all quivering in their boots at the hastened prospect of the demise of the real book.

The £52 media tablet features e-books, music and videos, as well as a dictaphone.However, unlike its more expensive rivals it lacks an internet link, leading to one analyst to say that it’s like ‘comparing a steak to an Asda basic pork pie'.

Asda spokesman Adam May said that the supermarket giants hope to provide 'affordable literature'.

'Unlike more expensive rivals like the Kindle, Asda's e-book reader will also play movies,' he said. 'Once owners have finished reading a free Dickens classic they can watch a film adaptation,' he said.

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