Expect the unexpected, get European breakdown cover

An excellent place to kick-start your European breakdown cover search is Direct Line. This company provides a range of different European breakdown cover policies, depending on your type of holiday. For example, these guys offer basic European breakdown cover, whereby you are protected against events such as roadside assistance, driver illness, emergency repairs following theft and much more. You can also combine this cover with additional travel insurance in which you receive coverage for things like emergency medical expenses, travel delays and personal accidents. If your trip also involves some winter holiday sports, you can add on this extra coverage too, to protect you against loss of ski passes, equipment and piste closure. To get a quote for your European breakdown cover, all you have to is click on the Get a Quote link, fill in their online form. Easy!

Another source of European breakdown cover that we recommend is RAC Breakdown. Similarly to the above mentioned company, RAC also present a number of policies to protect you from unexpected incidents while you are travelling around Europe in your car. They have the basic European breakdown cover, that covers you for one trip of up to five days and allows you to have your car fixed at the roadside or towed to the closest garage. There is also the comprehensive breakdown cover that provides single or multi-trip cover, a replacement driver, emergency repairs of up to £150 and assistance in covering the journey back to the UK, or continuing the current trip. Click on their Get a Quote button and complete their form online to find out how much your policy will cost. With these companies you are sure to find the best European breakdown cover deals!

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