Find the best european breakdown cover for older cars here!

Do you currently require European breakdown cover for older cars? Every day thousands of people set out across Europe from the UK only to encounter problems with their vehicles that result in them breaking down. Whether it's a flat tyre, running out of fuel or engine failure, you could be looking at a hefty bill for roadside assistance and towing charges unless you have good breakdown cover.

Greenstar is one of the UK's best known and most reliable breakdown assistance providers. They provide premium European breakdown cover for older cars at excellent prices. For all cars up to 20 years old, they have 2 levels of cover for you to choose from:

  • Annual European Cover - This includes 24 hour roadside assistance, 365 days a year. If your vehicle cannot be fixed at the roadside, Greenstar will arrange your vehicle to be recovered to either a destination of your choice or a suitable repairer. There are never any callout charges and you will be covered to drive in every country in Europe.
  • Short Term European Cover - If you are thinking of taking your car abroad for anywhere between one day and one month, this is the policy for you. It includes the same great benefits as the annual cover but at a relatively cheaper cost.

Greenstar aim to be with all of their customers in Europe in less than one hour. To find out more about any of their European breakdown cover for older cars policies, simply log onto their website at greenflag.com.

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