Get value European breakdown cover from Ireland

Looking to pick up a Breakdown Cover policy that includes European Breakdown cover? If you're living in Ireland, then we believe we have found just the right policy for you that offers great European breakdown cover from Ireland at little extra cost.

More and more drivers are picking up Breakdown Cover as it affords them an extra layer of protection they just don't get from their regular Car Insurance premiums. As competition in the Breakdown Cover market continues to grow, so do the bargains on offer to try and woo potential customers.

Right now, one Breakdown Cover provider in Ireland is making a name for themselves thanks to their offer of brilliant Breakdown cover, with little excess cost, and they are Breakdowncover.ie. So lets take a look at what they are offering with their most popular policy.

Breakdowncover.ie have a policy that is tailored specifically for drivers looking to take their car to the continent, as it offers European Breakdown Cover. Their "Five Star" policy offers a number of sensational perks.

You'll receive Roadside Assistance, Roadside Recovery, National Local Recovery, Alternative Travel, Onward Journey cover, Homestart Cover, Replacement car, Overnight Accomodation, Theft of Car cover, and European Travel cover.

The policy costs just 79 Euro per month, and you can secure your Breakdown Cover by filling out a form on their website, or else by calling them in person at their call centre. So check them out today, and get ready to start saving on your Breakdown Cover.

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