A Guide for Obtaining European Grants for Small Businesses

There are several agencies that administer European funds for business grants. People are generally afraid to start the process of obtaining European grants for their businesses as the competition may be tough. Obtaining such grants does not mean you can start a business from scratch with European money, as you will be expected to partly finance your business project.

When it comes to successfully getting European grants, you need to know that business projects that are based on research, create local jobs and promote social welfare are often favoured. Businesses that are looking to obtain research and development grants are requested to provide evidence of at least 50 percent of the total cost of their project. If your business is or will be located in an area that is economically deprived, your chances of getting a grant increase considerably.

In the United Kingdom, EU funding is only available for certain areas. In order to find out whether you are eligible for European grants for a small business, you can visit several websites and check out some of the available grants. One of the best sources of information for getting European grants in the UK is businesslink.gov.uk. Here you can search for support schemes that will help you start up or develop your small business.

Another helpful resource is the JEREMIE instrument provided by the regional policy portal of the European commission. This is an online resource that promotes financial engineering instruments for easing the task of small and medium businesses when it comes to getting access to structural funds. You can find this tool on the site of the European Commission, ec.europa.eu/regional_policy.

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