Everything 5 pound review

If you would like to save tons of money for clothing and accessories, try Everything 5 pounds at everything5pounds.com. As the name suggests, you can get clothes, shoes and fabulous accessories for only £5 pounds. Let us take a look at Everything 5 pound review to see what users and clients are saying about their experiences with the site and the goods they are buying.

How it works

The Everything 5 pound review indicates an overall satisfaction of clients with their buying experience and the quality of products. Take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of buying from the site.


  • Prices

The main attraction of Everything 5 pounds is obviously the price. Everything sells for £5 whether you are looking for a slinky pair of shoes or a gorgeous top. Buying a coat or that beautiful dress for £5 has never been this attractive.

  • Quality

If you are asking yourself how the company can afford to sell merchandise at £5, then the answer is the website source their stuff from different places. Hence, you will find good quality stuff at giveaway prices.

  • Responsive customer service

Clients are happy with the way customer service responds to complaints and issues.


  • No variety of sizes

Customers complain most of the available sizes are small ones. Hence, if you are a large or plus size, you might have difficulties finding something that will fit your body or feet.

  • Lack of styles

Whilst there are many styles and designs to choose from, clients would prefer to see a variety of choices.

  • Stocks disappear fast

Because stylish clothing and accessories are sold at bargain prices, then the merchandise disappear really fast. Hence, if you want something off the site, it is better to buy it immediately for it will not likely stay long on the store.

Shop for less money

Overall, Everything 5 pound review indicates general satisfaction from customers. In addition, the shop delivers nearly all over the world at reasonable prices. Thus, if you intend to change or upgrade your wardrobe, head over to the site now and have a grand time shopping without breaking the bank for prices are more than reasonable.

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