Setting up Ex-Pat car insurance in Spain

If you are travelling to Spain and taking your car, you are in the right place! You may be the safest driver around but you never know what can happen on the roads. We have done the hard work for you and looked up some info on how to organise expat car insurance in Spain.

A great place to kick start your car insurance search for Spain is by visiting the website of AbbeyGate. These guys specialise in providing car insurance especially for expatriates in Spain. Basically, what this insurance company gives you is a cover that allows you to use or keep your car in Spain for 12 months. Within this you can also drive for up to 90 days outside Spain but within the EU. Make sure you also read their FAQ page, where they provide some excellent advice on the necessary documents that you need while driving in Spain, changing your vehicle and more.

Another great resource is Ibex Insurance. This is the largest insurance provider for expatriates based in the Iberian Peninsula, and it has several retail offices located throughout Spain. The ex-pat car insurance for Spain that this company offers is underwritten by Lloyds in London, and offers special rates for drivers over 40-years-old and has two levels of breakdown cover available. To find out which cover is best for you and your vehicle in Spain, just click on the link to get an instant quote and fill in the online form. You can pay for your ex-pat motor insurance immediately, using your credit card, bank transfer, cheque or cash.

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