F1 Driver Salaries

F1 driver salaries have always been higher than those in a lot of other sports. Before footballers became millionaires, F1 drivers were earning big money. The great Ayrton Senna signed a $1million per race deal for the 1994 season with Williams which would have topped $20 million with sponsorship agreements and other endorsements. Michael Schumacher was another driver who earned well from Formula One in the 1990s. His initial deal with Ferrari saw him take home $31million per year. That worked out a $1.9million per race.
    Getty - Mark Thompson

Sebastian Vettel

Vettel is a multiple world champion who’s always at the front of the grid but he’s only the fourth highest earner in Formula 1. His $21.7million per year salary is 29 times higher than his team mate Daniel Ricciardo’s pay packet, but there’s no comparing the two men’s achievements on the race track so Vettel is worth every cent.

Jenson Button

McLaren driver Jenson Button earns a reported $21.7million per year for his efforts behind the wheel. He’s nowhere near as successful as Vettel but he’s managed to bag the same wage as the German F1 ace. He must have great management who know how to get the most cash from McLaren, although his consistently good performances also help.

Lewis Hamilton

Hamilton is another former world champion who earns $21.7million per year. He’s ranked a little ahead of Button and Vettel because his salary’s a few thousand more than his rivals. The Mercedes driver has twice as many wins as his former team mate Jenson Button and he’s a lot more marketable because of his age and future potential.

Fernando Alonso

It seems that Ferrari can only afford one mega star wage but they want two mega star drivers so they were lucky to get Kimi Räikkönen at a knockdown price of $13.5million per year. Fernando Alonso however is a different story. He’s F1’s highest earning with an annual wage of $27.1million.

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