Insurance Protection for Your Family: Car Breakdown Cover

Insure all your family members with car breakdown cover, and you can be sure that whatever roadside emergency, assistance will be available. If you have an old or unreliable vehicle, are planning a long journey, or you are simply concerned abut your teen's safety when she's travelling with friends, consider insuring all your family members with flexible car breakdown cover.

There are numerous family plans for car breakdown cover with a variety of different features, but the two market leaders for car repair and roadside assistance both provide comprehensive family car breakdown cover plans.

RAC UK Family Car Breakdown Cover Plan

The RAC offers car breakdown cover for up to four family members. Specific family members are insured, meaning no matter what vehicle they are traveling in, if they are a passenger or the driver, they are still covered under the plan. The RAC aims for a 40 minute arrival time and boasts the most patrol vehicles per covered member. A market leader in roadside assistance, 4 out of 5 cars are fixed right there at the roadside by the RAC.

AA Family Car Breakdown Cover

The AA is the UK's leading roadside assistance firm, and offers a multitude of plans to choose from. Select coverage for a family of three or a family of four -- all individuals must live at the same address -- and you can add the specific services you would like. The AA plan even has the option to cover car breakdowns that occur at your house. The AA fixes over 3 million cars a year, so you can be sure that an experienced mechanic will be despatched quickly.


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