Save cash with a family holiday insurance policy

Looking at the cost of insuring the family for that summer holiday and winter city break? A family holiday insurance policy can work out cheaper than buying individual policies.

Comparison sites like moneysupermarket.com and comparethemarket.com will offer a quick overview of the various policies on offer. You'll know the specific needs for your family regarding valuables and health concerns, but this will give you a broad idea of the cost of family insurance.

For the best deals, it's important to focus exactly on what you need. If you only ever head for Spanish beaches or European city breaks for example, there is no point in buying a global insurance policy.

If you take more than one trip a year, it's usually a sensible decision to take out an annual policy. This also means that if you have to travel at short notice, you know you are covered without having to take out an extra policy.

For a Europe-only deal, it's difficult to better the Amex (americanexpress.com) annual families policy. If you book this through the moneysupermarket.com website the price is £35.32. This covers £3,000 for cancellation and up to £10 million in medical expenses. The excess on the policy is just £50.

The Direct Travel (direct-travel.co.uk) family insurance policy has very positive customer feedback reviews. Costs vary depending on the age of the customer, but a comprehensive annual policy begins around £47.

For European travel it's advisable to have an EHIC health card for all the members of your family. This entitles you to treatment in EU states at the same rate as locals, often free. Your travel insurance policy should offer far more extensive ranges of medical treatment, but this is a useful basic precaution.

Don't be tempted to omit to mention any pre-existing medical conditions on your family holiday insurance policy. It this emerges, it can invalidate any claim.

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