Check the savings to be made with a family insurance travel policy

With a family holiday abroad, the expenses can mount up. It might be possible to save a little on family insurance. Travel policies offering flexible deals on groups can make economic sense.

Insure and Go (www.insureandgo.com) offer some great deals on family travel insurance. They have a helpful and diverse definition of families as well, encompassing unmarried couples, including same sex partners, plus adopted or fostered children, and even grandchildren.

For a range of quotes go to their website and enter the details of your trip. Even if you have just one child, they can usually be included for free in your travel insurance.

The comparison site at www.moneysupermarket.com is ideal for searching across providers for the best quotes. One eye-catching price for an Amex annual travel insurance policy covering Europe came in at just £35.32 for families. This included £10 million of medical cover, and excess rates of just £50.

At www.travelinsurance.co.uk there are similar attractive deals for families. Single trip insurance in Europe can be as low as £9 for short breaks, with multi-trip cover available for £36. On some deals it is possible to cover up to 3 under 18s for free, for every adult on the policy.

Check beyond the impressive rates on family insurance travel policies for the fine print and conditions. If any member of the family has a pre-existing health concern, this must be mentioned on the policy application.  It is also advisable to make sure that all members of the family have an EHIC card for medical treatment in EU member states.


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