Fancy saving 23 quid?

A new ’smart’ electricity meter in your house and you’ll be able to save an average of £23 a year on energy bills by 2020, is the message from the Government.

Ingeniously the meters cut cost by showing you how much gas and electricity you are using. They cut carbon emissions and suppliers can read them remotely. So no more estimated billings!

From 2014, 53 million gas and electricity smart meters will be handed out, with the project set to be completed by 2019.

House owners will pay for the meters through their bills, though there will be no cost for for installation. Experts Decc say the scheme will save consumers £6 billion, while cutting costs to suppliers by around £11 billion. The UK itself will save £1.5 billion due to the cuts in greenhouse gas emissions.

Climate Change and Energy Secretary Chris Huhne said: ‘Smart meters are a key part of giving us more control over how we use energy at home and at work, helping us to cut out waste and save money.’

’In combination with our plans to reform the electricity market and introduce the green deal for homes and businesses, the roll-out of smart meters will help us keep the lights on while reducing emissions and getting the best possible deal for the consumer.’

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