Fancy some ’free’ borrowing?

In bygone days banks used to throw credit cards at you – now it’s become more difficult to be accepted for a credit card.

But if you’ve got a good credit record and are looking to borrow in the short term, there are a number of 0% purchase cards available. These are basically credit cards that will allow you to spend for a certain period of time without paying interest. So like a free loan basically.

Before you apply for one, remember to check your credit score. Repeated applications are likely to damage further your rating so tred carefully.

And now for those cards. The Tesco Clubcard credit card gives you 13 months at 0%. After that you'll pay a typical APR of 16.9%.

The RBS/Natwest Classic credit card will also give you ‘free’ spending for 13 months. But only if you’re an existing Natwest/RBS current account holder can you get it. The typical APR after the 13 months is 17.9%.

A shorter deal at 12 months is the Barclaycard Platinum, though it lets you earn ’Freedom reward points’ with some retailers. Again, once the APR kicks in it’s at 16.9%

Before taking out one of these cards, make sure you can pay back the loan within the interest free period. If you think you’ll struggle, it might be better opting for a low-rate interest long term loan. The Barclay Simplicity Card will give you an APR of 7.9%

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