Fares not fair

Life was so much more simple when people got about on horseback. You always knew what you were getting with a horse, whereas with the railway you pay through the nose for a bog standard service at best.

And fares are set to rise yet again, after a review of rail costs led by former Civil Aviation Chairman Sir Roy McNulty found that some fares were lower than what it perceives the market can cope with.

How that is in beyond Excite Money, given that fares prices this January increased well above the rate of inflation. Commuters in Kent for example were forced to pay on average 7.8% more for their season tickets.

And next year expect an even more hefty rise, as the government is due to raise the RPI, add a price cap of 3% and maked the whole of the UK pay it. With the RPI currently at 5% it means that the average regulated fare will be 8% more expensive in January 2012.

Now those fares really aren't very fair!

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