Where to Get Farm Grants for Your Agricultural Projects

In the recent years, grant money has been available for a wide range of profit and non-profit projects. Agricultural projects are important for the economy, so there are plenty of farm grants available to help you start-up and develop your business.

To begin with, you will need to know for what areas are farm grants available. Some of them include enhanced farming processes, development of new products, research and education.

A good website to start your research with is dardni.gov.uk. This is the website of the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development and it has plenty of details about what funding and grants are available in agricultural sectors. Some of the grants you will find here include financial aid for fisheries, forestry, energy crops,agri-environmental schemes and rural development.

Another good source of information about farm grants is ukbusinessgrants.org. This is an independent source of information that has a grant finder tool which will help you localize funding suitable for you needs. On this website you can also search through an extensive database of small businesses that received funding in the last year.

In the Agricultural, Forestry, Fishing and Hunting section you will find information about over 600 businesses that received farm grants for purchasing new equipment and developing their existent structures. This is a useful resource because you will get the chance to see exactly for what purposes you can receive funding. By looking at some of the case studies you will get an idea about whether your project qualifies for grants and maybe get some hints about how to improve it.

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