Information on Farming Grants

There are many different types of farming grants available, and they are not all geared towards farmers. The Agricultural Education grant offers funding for children to learn about the working side of a farm. Applications are accepted from any educational institution as well as community centres and other child-focused groups. There is little criteria for this grant, although there is only so much funding designated for it. This means successful applications are subject to a lottery.

Farming grants are also available for farmers who are struggling to maintain their farm due to the economic downturn.  There are several grants available through the government and the Agricultural council. Government-backed farm grants are means-tested, meaning the person applying must earn below a certain amount. One grant helps the farmer maintain important machinery on the farm such as plows, tractors and diary equipment. A separate grant helps with necessary repairs and modernisation to outhouses, barns and other important farm-related buildings.

The Agricultural Council offers grants to help postgraduate students who are studying agricultural studies with the cost of their educational fees. These grants are dependent on income but they can be awarded alongside regular student grants and loans. There are also farming grants available to help farmers become self-sustaining. This may be help implementing solar panels, wind turbines and other environmentally friendly sources. These grants are limited but are generously awarded. They are meant to act as an incentive to reduce the farmer’s power bills as well as their carbon footprint. This grant is commonly awarded to organic farmers.

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