Fast loans for disabled people

Disabled people can get access to a host of benefits that are designed to help bridge the financial gap if your disability or long-term health condition is affecting your earning potential. Things like Employment and Support Allowance, tax credits and housing benefits all help to meet people’s living costs. The Personal Independence Payment is another benefit that it pays to be aware of. You’ll find more information on each at gov.uk. If these benefits aren’t helping you to meet all of your outgoings, perhaps you’ll need to apply for one of the fast loans for disabled people featured below.
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Money lenders

For immediate money, you’ll need to use a site like amigoloans.co.uk or any other payday lender but that could be leading you in the wrong financial direction. Thankfully, if you’re on social benefits you can use some specialist lenders who will make the whole process simple.

DSS loans

Websites like dssbenefitsloans.co.uk and loansforpeopleonbenefitsintheuk.co.uk offer loans that are tailored to those on social benefits. The process is far simpler than it is with other lenders. This streamlined process normally only asks for you to complete a quick form online. The information you provide is used to determine which lender is right for you. The guaranteed income that being on benefits provides make the process of confirming your application far easier as the risk is lower. Consequently, in a lot of cases, the money is transferred within a few hours.

Word of caution

Check out the APR rates when you apply for a DSS loan as these fast loans for disabled people often quote extremely high interest rates. As with any payday loan, failing to repay the money when it’s due will get you further behind so only borrow what you can afford to pay back.

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