Lack of FENSA Certificate Indemnity Insurance

All windows installed after April 2001 must be FENSA approved and receive a FENSA certificate. You won't be able to sell your home without a FENSA certificate, but you can take out FENSA indemnity insurance as an alternative and a quick fix.

However, it's easy to get caught in a trap with applying from FENSA certificate indemnity insurance. Like all other insurance, contact with a local authority cannot be made prior to taking out the insurance, nor can a local authority be aware of the lack of FENSA certificate. In some cases, you might already have a FENSA certificate and it was:

  • Lost or stolen after it was issued.
  • Processed, but you did not receive one.
  • Windows were FENSA regulated but no certificate was issued.

In all these cases a replacement FENSA certificate can be obtained from your local authority, or an inspector can be sent out to inspect the work and issue a new FENSA certificate. However, you must be absolutely sure you meet any of the three criteria before approaching a local authority and ask for a FENSA certificate. If it turns out you don't have one you'll have to pay to have a new certificate issued upon inspection of the windows, or face local authority enforcement without any kind of FENSA certificate indemnity protection. Not only could this leave you out of pocket but it could also delay the sale of your home.

FENSA certificate indemnity insurance is intended to protect against such financial loses associated with local authority involvement when a FENSA certificate was never sought. If you're definitely sure you didn't have a FENSA certificate then you will need indemnity insurance to sell your home - a solicitor will not proceed without indemnity cover. However, if the windows don't meet specific standards set out by FENSA and must be removed you will be only be covered financially for this; indemnity insurance won't stop a local authority from removing windows through enforcement.

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