FENSA Certificate Indemnity Insurance

Building regulations specify that all replacements windows fitted after April 2002 must have a FENSA certificate to ensure new windows comply with quality standard regulations. If you're looking to sell your home you cannot legally sell without a FENSA certificate if you had any window replacements after April 2002. If you don't have a FENSA certificate, indemnity insurance could be a financial protection net for you and your buyer.

If you don't have a FENSA certificate you won't be able to sell your house until the situation is rectified. You can do this in two ways:

Ask Your Local Council for a FENSA Certificate

If you're sure you've have replacement windows ask to your local council to supply a certificate. They will either send someone round to inspect the windows or issue a new certificate (in cases of recent window replacements a new certificate can be issued for a fee of £10, if the work is still on record). This may be a hassle but FENSA certificates are to protect you from bad workmanship and potentially hazardous building work.

Apply for FENSA Certificate Indemnity Insurance

You can apply for indemnity insurance if the windows were fitted 12 months ago or more. This does not count as a FENSA certificate, only financial protection should a local authority take action against you or the new buyer. The insurance is a one-off costs which covers the property for its lifetime, no matter what owner it has. The indemnity insurance will only cover you financially should a local authority contact you. You cannot apply for FENSA certificate indemnity insurance if you have been contacted previously by the council regarding window replacements.

Contacting Local Authorities

FENSA indemnity insurance is a cheaper, quicker solution to digging around for FENSA certificates and applying to local authorities. Be aware that if you contact a local authority regarding a FENSA certificate and suddenly change you mind, or a local authority refuses to issue a FENSA certificate, you will not be able to apply for indemnity insurance because you have made prior contact with a local authority and they are aware that your home does not have a FENSA certificate.

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