Top 10 Personal Finance Blogs That Can Change Your Life

Most blogs do not exist in order to change your life. They may entertain you or keep you engaged, but probably don’t have that much impact on your lived experience. That all changes when it comes to personal finance blogs.

Personal finance blogs can be incredibly powerful. We all have complicated relationships with money, but knowing that is not enough to keep us from destructive financial behaviours. Everyone has had some experience with either spending too much or spending too little, saving obsessively or not saving at all.

At the end of the day, most of us were never taught how to handle money. Which is why it can be life changing to read advice and stories from experts who have had to learn to manage their finances.

At least one of the following top 10 personal finance blogs from around the world will change your life and habits in some way.

1. Mrs MummyPenny

If you have children, you already know how expensive it is just to feed them. Of course, the costs of childcare do not begin or end at food, and as a new parent or one who is finding it tough to make ends meet, it is easy to feel overwhelmed.

Enter Mrs MummyPenny (AKA Lynn Beattie). She has been blogging since 2013, on subjects related to finances, both in general and as a parent. Her extensive archives are sorted into useful categories, and she writes more posts every week.

Mrs MummyPenny provides an incredible balance of solid financial advice and personal storytelling.

2. Take Charge of Your Money

Brendan is a South African living in Cape Town who simply knows how good he is with money. As a regular member of the world’s working population, he has the same goal as any of us: financial freedom.

Take Charge of Your Money provides advice on how to become financially healthy while working a nine-to-five. He gives tips and guidance on growing wealth without slaving away at an unfulfilling job all your life.

3. Be Clever With Your Cash

The advantage Andy, the writer of Be Clever With Your Cash, brings to the blog game is that he is a journalist as well. As such, he not only keeps you up to date with the best possible ways to be clever with your cash, but also writes interesting stories on events happening in the financial world.

Everything he shares is relevant to your personal finance, and you should give this blog a read for quality journalism.

4. Million Dollar Journey

Million Dollar Journey (investing blog) has been running since 2006 and has amassed a great archive. It provides investment advice that will benefit experts as well as newcomers. You’ll find comparisons of brokers that provide in-depth examinations into which options are likely to make you the most money.

While Million Dollar Journey is all about investing money, this does not make it inaccessible to those who just want to save. It also has incredible guidance on how best to invest your money so that it grows without risking the basic capital.

You'll also find plenty of articles about basic personal finance matters, including debates on the virtues of renting vs buying a home, whether to get a new credit card, and when you should spend on insurance.

5. Nairametrics

Nairametrics is a Nigerian blog that focuses on personal finance in the context of current events. It’s main target audience is Nigerian, and provides exceptional information that helps people keep their heads above water, as well as saving and investing. You don’t have to be Nigerian to benefit from this blog, however, as their advice is applicable around the world.

6. Maya On Money

Maya is another South African blogger who focuses on personal finance issues. She keeps up with current events in South Africa and around the world to give advice that is always pertinent. Maya is an award winning journalist, and Maya On Money has won its fair share of followers over the years. It has also provided her with the platform to launch her excellent book, Money Questions? Answered!

7. Money Nuggets

Money Nuggets is a personal finance blog for women. It provides “nuggets” of wisdom for women who want to make their dreams come true, whether through savings or opening new businesses. Money Nuggets has something for every woman, and a helpful archive of articles that provide practical guidance.

8. Cashoverflow

CashOverflow is an Indian blog that focuses on making your cash overflow. The idea behind the blog is to show you various ways to grow your money, whether through trading or investing or finding the right side hustle. There is plenty of information on cryptocurrencies as well, with up-to-date articles about the progress of the concept.

Pardeep Goyal, the founder of CashOverflow, also offers a course in managing your money.

9. Financial Independence Scribbles

Financial Independence Scribbles is a relatively new blog written by Kujah, who was born and raised in Wales and now lives in Hong Kong. The blog includes his stories and thoughts about the route towards financial independence. He takes you on his journey, while providing insights from his own experiences. FI Scribbles is a great blog for anyone who wants to engage with the content, seeing how someone just like them is progressing and even sharing their own experiences.

10. Dumb Funded

The most long-running blog on this list, Dumb Funded was started in 2010 and offers personal finance advice, along with just about everything else. On Dumb Funded, you will find guidance on getting your finances in order, saving money, trading, using finance apps, and more. Having lasted for over ten years so far, there is endless archived content for you to search through when looking for a particular scenario or specific advice.

The above blogs all have something to teach you, and come from vastly different perspectives. There is information in all of them that can change your life, as long as you are ready to start working on your personal finances.

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