Financial fruits of the vine

Increasing numbers of investors are turning to the bottle (hick) and reaping huge financial rewards.

Particularly at the top end of the market, wine investments are looking increasingly popular. Wine consumption in China has doubled in the last 5 years and demand there is surging.

Chinese companies are buying vineyards in France left right and centre, and many European vineyards are making special efforts to reach out to the Far East. China too is pulling its finger out in a bid to raise the quality of its own industry. At the Decanter World Wide Wine Awards at the London International Wine Fair, a wine from China came first in an important category - the Red Middle East, Far East and Asian over £10 Trophy.

With the demand for the European grape stronger than ever, investing in fancy wine could be your ticket to a corking profit margin, but act fast as the wine game may become increasingly expensive to enter.

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