Find out about car insurance groups and save a fortune

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When you apply for a quote for car insurance, one of the most important bits of information is what type of car you're driving. The insurance company will find car insurance groups to place the car in, and this has a massive affect on the amount you pay for car insurance.

There are 50 car insurance groups. Cars that are in the lowest groups pay the least amount for car insurance. When you're trying to get the lowest quote possible for car insurance, it's highly recommended that you choose a car in the lower insurance groups.

A number of factors determine what insurance group a car is placed in. The cost of spare parts and repairing the car is one of the most important. Cars that require expensive spare parts and are costly to repair are placed in the higher insurance groups because the pose a greater risk to insurance companies.

The performance of the car is another important factor. Cars with big, powerful engines are much more likely to be involved in accidents and claims and, as a result, will be placed in the higher insurance groups. If your car is modified in any way, this will also push it into the higher groups.

The safety features that the car is equipped with will also affect the car insurance group it's placed in. There are a number of safety devices that you can install on your car, including etched glass, trackers and alarms, and they will help put your car in a lower group and reduce the amount you pay for car insurance.

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