Find one of the best insurance companies for young female drivers here!

Possibly one of the cheapest and most reliable insurance companies for young female drivers is Sheila's Wheels. Since they set up business in 2005, Sheila's Wheels has gone from strength to strength offering a range of insurance products designed with women in mind. With Sheila's Wheels you get a range of very generous benefits with your policy including:

  • Ability to build up to 75% no claims discount bonus
  • Personal belongings cover up to £200
  • Handbag cover up to £300
  • Free counselling service
  • Free courtesy car if your car is being repaired at an approved garage
  • 5 year guarantee on all repairs
  • 24 hour UK based call centre

With Sheila's Wheels you are automatically entitled to a 70% no claims bonus discount if you have 5 or more year's bonus worked up. This will increase by 1% each year to a maximum of 75%

With all Sheila's Wheels policies you have the option of adding some well needed extras to your car policy. For as little as £25 per year you can have breakdown assistance provided by Greenflag. This is a massive saving for you on quality breakdown cover and is extra peace of mind in case the worst happens. You can also add legal protection and personal injury to your policy at very competitive prices.

Getting a quote from Sheila's Wheels is simple. You can call their UK office free of charge on 0800 011 3311 or you can simply log onto their website and get a quote in minutes at sheilaswheels.com.

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