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If you are a driver in the UK you really should have quality car breakdown cover. Every day hundreds of motorists in the UK set out upon their daily business only to be interrupted by a flat battery, running out of fuel or simply just breaking down! When this happens, you could be hit with a bull for hundreds of pounds! Don't let this happen, instead let the RAC look after you!

With over 100 years of motoring experience, you are in great hands by trusting the RAC. They have a large range of breakdown policies tailored to suit the individual needs of their different customers. They fix over 80% of vehicles at the side of the road and they never charge you any call out charges.

They reach the majority of their customers in less than 40 minutes as with over 2,000 patrol units they are always somewhere close by no matter where you are! With the RAC breakdown cover you get a whole lot more from your money including:

  • Cover for your vehicle no matter who is driving
  • Option to make your policy personal so you are covered in any other car
  • Up to 5 call outs a year
  • Free home start assistance with all policies
  • Ability to extend breakdown cover to Europe
  • Easy monthly payment option
  • UK based 24 hour free phone emergency number

To view the different levels of cover available from just £20 simply log onto their website and take a look. You can find them at rac.co.uk.

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