Find out all about Onecall Direct Car Insurance

If your premium is nearly due for renewal you should strongly consider checking out Onecall Direct car insurance. Onecall are one of the UK's leading car insurers and offer a range of excellent benefits with all of their car policies. They are determined to find new ways to lower the cost of car insurance and they pass these discounts on to all of their customers regardless of your circumstances.

Onecall offer all of their customers free breakdown cover. Your free breakdown cover will include roadside assistance and home start assistance that you can use up to three times in any one year. You can then add additional cars for just £29 per car.

You can also take advantage of their flexible deposit scheme. If you choose to pay monthly for your insurance, you can pick a deposit to suit you as long as you pay a minimum of 10%. This can help you to ensure your monthly payments are affordable.

Onecall comprehensive cover offers a range of other benefits for the policy holder including:

  • Up to £50,000 legal cover
  • Pick your voluntary excess
  • Named driver bonus builder
  • Courtesy car
  • Windscreen cover
  • Up to 90 days full EU cover
  • Loss of keys cover
  • 24 hour UK based call centre
  • Multi product discounts available
  • Audio and sat nav cover

Getting a quote for Onecall Direct car insurance couldn't be any easier. You can call their offices on 01302 554 012 or you can get an online quote from their website at onecalldirect.co.uk


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