Find out how to get cheap car insurance by completing a Pass Plus course

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The Pass Plus scheme is a government based initiative aimed at helping new drivers become better drivers. Statistics show that drivers are more likely to have a crash in their first two years of driving due to lack of knowledge and experience. Passing this training course will help you to get cheap car insurance by saving up to 30% in your first year.

So how does it work?

The 6 week course is conducted by an approved driving instructor. It helps you learn how to deal with all kinds of hazards to enable you to become a more confident driver. Fees vary depending on your instructor but you can get grants from your local authorities in England, Scotland or Wales.

What modules will I cover?

  1. Driving around a town
  2. All weather driving including rain, sleet, ice and bright sun
  3. Driving in the countryside such as bendy and uneven roads
  4. Driving at night
  5. Driving on dual carriageways
  6. Driving on motorways

Up to 30% discount!

When you complete the course you will be rewarded with a Pass Plus certificate. A number of insurers offer discounts of up to 30% for cert holders. Some insurers that offer discounts include The AA, Churchill, Direct Line, Quinn Direct and Royal and Sun Alliance.

More information?

Your local authority has all the information you need. They have a range of flyers and brochures available at their offices. You can also check out their website for all the information you need to know. You can find them at direct.gov.uk/en/motoring.

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