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By law, we all need insurance for the vehicles we drive whether it is a car, bus or a motorbike. Getting motorbike insurance is very similar to that of purchasing car insurance. Gordon Bennett set up Bennett's insurance in 1930. Over 80 years later, this company has grown from strength to strength and now insures over 200,000 bikers in the UK and Northern Ireland.

With Bennets.co.uk, you can also choose to insure your scooter or moped at reasonable rates. They offer so much more than other insurers for your money. Their third party fire and theft policy includes the following benefits:

  • Up to 90 days full European riding cover
  • Theft of your motorbike
  • Fire damage to your motorbike
  • You are also covered to ride other bikes
  • Free 24 hour UK claims and advice line
  • Multi bike policy
  • Earn a full years' no claims bonus in just 8 months

If you would prefer to be fully covered and avail of a fully comprehensive policy, you will also get the following included:

  • Loss of or accidental damage to your motorbike
  • Free motorbike breakdown cover and recovery service
  • New motorbike replacement within 6 months of buying it new
  • Ability to protect your no claims discount

The above two policies are both standard. You can choose to add extras to either policy for an additional fee. You can insure your legal expenses, personal accidents or even your helmet and leathers.

To find out more about Bennett's, simply visit their website at bennetts.co.uk.

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