Find the market's best travel insurance for over 65s in minutes

It's surprisingly easy to find the best travel insurance deals for over 65s. All you need is the internet and a few spare minutes. Using insurance comparison websites, like Money Supermarket and Compare the Market, will give you the chance to ascertain which travel insurance is right for you and your break.

Buying travel insurance for over 65s is notoriously difficult. Senior citizens are punished for their age by insurance providers with high premiums and restricted cover. And to make matters worse, some companies will even refuse to offer you a quote.

Fortunately, there are some insurance companies that cater specifically to the older generation, and they're well worth keeping an eye on when you're on the hunt for the market's best deal in travel insurance.

Sage and Age UK are two leading insurance providers with travel insurance packages designed for over 65s. A quote can be obtained with either company in a few minutes on their respective websites, or you can give them a call to speak to someone in person.

The two types of travel insurance available are single trip and multi trip cover. If you take out multi trip cover, you'll need to inform the insurance company of the countries you intend to visit.

And there are discounts to be availed of with most insurance companies on travel insurance. Be sure to let them know of your existing insurance policies to see if you qualify for a reduction. For instance, personal possessions insurance as part of your home cover could net you a saving of 10 per cent.


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