Finding a decently priced insurance for vintage cars in Ireland

Are you a classic car enthusiast living in Ireland and getting a little cheesed off at the poor options open to you when it comes to keeping your car well protected? Unfortunately, the Irish Classic Car Insurance market isn't exactly brimming with choice, so bargains are a little harder to sniff out! We've done a little trawling on your behalf and found a company offering a great deal on insurance for vintage cars in Ireland.

If you are the kind of person who is willing to look after a classic car, then it's probably fair to say you're a careful driver. A company should realise this in your premium, and one that does is First Ireland, who have an excellent Classic Car Insurance section on their site at firstireland.ie/classic_car.asp. First Ireland claim to have Ireland's most competitive quotes for cars over 20 years old. Their policies are designed for drivers who don't use their classic for everyday use, and instead keep it as a second car.

As such, they offer a number of limited mileage policies which you can set at anything from 2,000 miles to 10,000 miles. Their policies are rich in perks which include the driving of other cars being included, up to a whopping 50% No Claims Bonus, introductory discounts, free cover while driving in the EU, and special rates for additional classic cars.

To get a quote from them, simply call their quote hotline at 8820 862 and speak to one of their insurance experts.


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