Finding the best Motorbike insurance quotes in Ireland

Getting set to hit the open road on your first motorbike, or even looking to save a little on your insurance premium? Even though you've picked up the motorbike, you're still going to need to insure it. It may not cost as much as car cover, but Motorbike Insurance cover can cost you a fair bit. Let's try and reduce the pain.

Plenty of insurers provide motorbike cover in Ireland, however, for us, the best cover is currently provided by Quinn Insurance. Let's see what they're offering in the way of motorbike insurance quotes to riders in Ireland.

Quinn offer a hugely competitive range of motorbike policies including third party, third party, fire and theft, as well as comprehensive. All of their policies include the usual Quinn extras including an easy monthly payment plan, Generous no claims discount, 24-hr claims helpline, No claims discount protection option, optional legal cover, and Free breakdown cover.

Quinn also offer discounts to riders who have passed their "Rider Assessment programme". This programme aims to reward careful riders with generous savings on their insurance premiums. You can find all the information on that programme here - http://www.quinn-direct.com/ireland/motorcycle/forms_documents.html.

At the time of writing, Quinn Motorbike cover is unfortunately only open to customers who already hold either a car of home insurance policy from Quinn Insurance. So if you hold either of these and want to get riding, make sure and check them out today, and you could save a packet!

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