Finding the cheapest car insurance for new drivers

There are so many ways for you to ensure that you get the cheapest car insurance for young drivers. Over the last number of years the price of car insurance in the UK has risen dramatically. Younger males were the hardest hit and this has resulted in young males paying ridiculously high premiums for their car insurance. There are a number of ways in which you can save on your car insurance:

  1. Always use a comparison website - Comparison websites search all of the UK's leading insurers to get you the best price on your insurance. One click and you are guaranteed the best rates available.
  2. Do a Pass Plus course - This is a specially designed course that you sit when you have passed your driving test. Most insurance companies offer great discounts of up to 50% for passing this course.
  3. Choose your car wisely - The size of the engine will influence your premium. If you are looking for cheaper car insurance you should get a car with a smaller engine such as a 1000cc.
  4. Car security devices - Installing a security device such as an alarm or an immobiliser can reduce your premium by up to 20% as your car is less likely to be stolen.
  5. Increase your excess - This is the initial sum of money you pay in the event of an accident. By raising the excess your premium should fall.

If a young male driver is to follow these steps, they will have no problem finding a competitive quote. To get a quote, simply log onto one of the following comparison websites:

  • confused.com
  • comparethemarket.com
  • gocompare.com
  • moneysupermarket.com
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