Save money by taking advantage of First Central car insurance

If you're sick and tired of trawling Car Insurance comparison websites in an effort to try and find a gem of a deal on your upcoming Car Insurance renewal, then have you considered going directly to some company's websites? A lot of companies don't allow their insurance quotes to be compared, so you could be missing out on a great deal by ignoring these sites!

One such site offering bargain quotes to drivers is First Central car insurance, who you can view online at website.1stcentralinsurance.com/AboutUs. First Central are one of the many Insurance providers in the UK who don't allow their product to be "compared" and this is because they want you to visit their site directly, not because of any lack of deals.

First Central has been in business since 2008, and in that time they've provided a remarkable 200,000 insurance policies. This shows their rapid rise to becoming one of the largest independent insurance providers in the UK. They pride themselves on the variety of cover they provide, and the customer service they provide to people who take the policies out.

Anyone taking out a First Central policy can choose from three levels of cover. You can plump for Third Party, Third Party Fire and Theft, and fully comprehensive. There are two ways to get a quote from them, you can call their UK based call centre at 0800 840 2100 or else fill in their short quote application form on their website to get a great deal. We can't recommend them enough!

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