Want to make savings? Get a First Direct car insurance quote!

Are you on the hunt for a cheap but quality deal on your Car Insurance premium? More and more motorists are discovering just how much they can save by getting a First Direct car insurance quote. In this blog we'll be seeing what they can do for you.

First Direct may be a relatively new name in the insurance market, but they are making a big splash with some brilliant bargains on their site at firstdirect.com/1/2/insurance. First Direct offer a plethora of different insurance products, from car to home, to travel. Their Car Insurance product is particularly impressive though, and there's a good chance it could save you a sizable chunk of money.

First Direct Car Insurance policies are fully comprehensive, and offer some outstanding perks to people who take them out. You'll enjoy access to a hassle free claims line 24 hours a day, your repairs will be guaranteed for three years, you'll get unlimited foreign use cover per annum whilst using your vehicle in the EU, up to 75% No Claims Discount, named drivers earn their own No Claims Discount, and personal accident cover for the policy holder and their spouse / civil partner.

They even have a tips section on their site to help you bring the cost of your insurance premium down. You can get a quote in seconds from their site by filling out a short insurance application form, so check them out today to get a great deal on your Car Insurance premium!

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