We check out the best companies offering first time buyer mortgages

Are you a first time buyer finding you are being rebuffed constantly in your pursuit of a mortgage? Some companies can be a little stingy when it comes to their first time buyer mortgages, but in this blog we are going to try and help you cut through the nonsense and find yourself a great deal on your first mortgage. So lets check out what is out there!

Being a first time buyer is a bit of a tricky proposition. It is probably second only to being a first time driver trying to secure a decent price on insurance for being a pain in the butt. If you are looking for a company that gives you a fair crack of the whip, then we suggest checking out what you can find from Santander on their first time mortgage page at http://products.santander.co.uk/mortgages/first-timebuyers.html. Santander are one of the UK's largest providers of mortgages, and they offer a range of services to first time customers including an extremely helpful mortgage calculator to help you assess how much you can borrow.

If you are looking for another perspective on your mortgage, then we suggest pitching up at Lloyds TSB and their specialist first time mortgage page at http://www.lloydstsb.com/mortgages/first_time_buyers.asp. Lloyds TSB come recommended by us thanks to their excellent "Lend a Hand" programme, which offers a 95% mortgage to first time buyers if you have the backing of a friend or a family member who will help you contribute to the mortgage.

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