Your options for first time buyers mortgages

Are you a first time buyer looking to make a big splash in the housing market? You have probably noticed how tough it is for you to secure decent terms on your mortgage, but fear not, we have done the trawling on your behalf to find banks offering great terms on first time buyers mortgages, so lets check them out!

Buying your first home is one of the biggest moves a person will make in their life. Banks are aware of this, and are extremely helpful at cutting through all of the confusing terms and jargon. If you still need a few terms explained, or even just fancy informing yourself a little more, then we suggest checking out the First Rung information site at http://www.firstrungnow.com/. This site is extremely helpful for anyone looking to make their first steps into home ownership. It carries a huge amount of info, and should help you approach the task with a modicum of knowledge.

When it comes to actually getting yourself a mortgage, then we suggest checking out what you can get from the Halifax and their dedicated First Time Buyer mortgage at http://www.halifax.co.uk/mortgages/first-time-buyers/. Halifax are a great bank to deal with due to the fact that they approve eight out of every ten first time mortgage applications, and if you are refused, they will clearly explain why, and give you the advice you need to be successful on your next application.

They make their decisions quickly, and their rates and terms are some of the most generous out there, so they are well worth a look.

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